Episode #117: “All We Have to Fear is the Tweet Itself”

Episode 117: All We Have to Fear Is the Tweet Itself

This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets body slammed by the truth when he learns that wrestling is still a thing apparently.  On the show this week, we tackle the Trump’s Twitter War with the Media and wonder what the hell is wrong with America.  (Hint: Both suck.)   Along the way we dive into the credibility gap between our Fourth Estate and the American public and wonder how we got here. (Hint:  Wolf Blitzer)  We also threaten to reveal the identity of that one guy on Twitter who keeps pointing out typos in the show notes.  (WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE “TOM”!)

We hit the Wayback Machine for a trip to 1952 and see how a drunken loudmouth used the media to ascend to power and how the media used a drunken loudmouth for ratings.  We reveal the truth about the REAL hero of the McCarthy Era and how a Senator slapped him in a Dupont Circle bar.  (Honestly, this sort of things happens a LOT in DuPont Circle, at least in Dave’s experience.)  We also offer a sincere suggestion to CNN to solve their credibility problems and give America face of truth and integrity.  (Hint: He told us about the dangers of Role Playing Games in the 80’s.  And it’s NOT Pat Robertson)

Our sponsor this week is Easy Eddie’s Journalism Academy, skip the school and get the scoop!  We open the show with the honesty of Stephen Glass and close with Joshua and the Note Ninja’s fabric softening cover of on Henley (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFB2xblO2R)

Citations Needed: That Worked Out Well, Beat Up a Reporter and Donate!, McCarthy and the Media, Is Joe Gonna have to slap a Dick?, Same as it ever was.

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