Episode 119: Steel Rail Blues

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EPISODE #119: “Steel Rail Blues”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe asks the listeners to please stand clear of the closing doors, there is a podcast directly behind this one.  On the show this week we take a look at the broke ass, no good, very bad, pee smelling New York City Subway System.  (Don’t worry we make it relevant to you Middle America!)  If you’ve never experienced a crowded mass transit man vigorously masturbating to you, you will now!

Along the way we learn the history of why the United States doesn’t give a damn about  Mass Transit (Hint: You might be in the reason right now).  We determine once and for all who is in charge of making the trains run on time in New York City.  (He is Italian, but no Mussolini) Also within, everything you thought you knew about the Interstate is probably wrong. (Originally, no cars allowed!)  Finally, we give you the car owning American every reason to question your decision to own and car and a little taste of an average trip on the Subway.  (Trigger Warning for anyone who drives or rides the subway.)

Our Sponsor this week in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who wants you to know this shit ain’t on him! We open the show with Elaine Benes as Every New Yorker and close with Youtuber Timothy Dennis’ cover of “Steel Rail Blues”. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4CU1p3o9S4)

Citations Needed:  Least Interesting City in America, State of the World War 2 Art, Go Fuck Yourself Andy, He Built This Highway On Rock and Roll, Disappearing Railroad Blues.

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