Episode 120: “My Own Personal Vietnam”

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EPISODE #120: “My Own Personal Viet Nam”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe wonders if he can still get 10% off his order at Denny’s only to find there are no Denny’s in New York City.  On the show this week we tackle the Trump Tweet on Trans Bans.  (Hint: We are pissed)

Along the way there are explanations of the military supply chain vis a vie being able to wipe your butt, and reveal the latest in combat TP.  We explain why you cannot change military personnel policy in a Tweet.  (Who fucking does this?  Oh yeah.)  And we debunk the myth of the One Free Boob Job.  (Honestly, this is a thing.)  We hit the Wayback to examine the history of using the military to effect social change on America and how very, very angry this made Conservatives.  (It did not, however, stop it from happening.)  Stay tuned after the show credits for Fulcrum, with StePHen Bannon, who has some thoughts on The Mooch.

Our sponsor this week is The Mooch, when you gotta get some respect, some LOYALTY–you call The Mooch!  We open the show with Bill Murray celebrating the diversity of the modern military and close with Youtuber Shayliff indictment against the military industrial complex. (https://youtu.be/uIMBa2jiypo)

Citations Needed:  What a Dick, Just a Real Prick, Because You Gotta Keep Them Rock Hard and Ready to Go! Just such a HUGE Dick, What Does the Mattis Say? All You Ever Wanted to Know About Gender Reassignment,  It’s A Real Thing , Mythbusted, Just MASSIVE Pricks,  The Man Behind the Movement.

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