Episode 121: “I Can’t Believe Its Not Better”

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Show Notes Episode #121: “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better!”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe spreads buttery goodness on America only to find a lot of people think he is making a sexual innuendo.  On the show this week we talk about the “plan” from the Democrats to take back America, it’s uh–Better?  (Narrator:  “It wasn’t”)

Along the way we discuss the Presidential contenders for 2020 (Yeah, already) and why none of them measure up to our expectations.  There is an idea for cloning thousands of Bernie’s and running all of them for Congress in 2018.  (We’re Bernie Sanders and We Approve This Message) Then there is a STRENUOUS objection to the party being fine with anti-choice Democrats.  (Hint:  You give a zealot an inch and they force you family to convert to their religion)  Our Wayback of the Week goes back to 1948, because we still had that tab open in Wikipedia.

Our sponsor this week is Beb! Jush, Democrat for Congress, because he is definitely NOT Jeb Bush!  We open the show the planning committee at the DCCC and close with Youtuber Eddie629 explaining that it really does get better.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9arlzHgalA0


Citations Needed: Steaming Hot Nope, Very Stupid Idea, Yeeeeeeahh, Pissed Off, Dixieland.

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