Episode 122: “Modern Major Generals”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 122: “Models of Modern Major Generals”

This Week Host Dave Bledsoe has information animal, vegetable and mineral which will be useful scrounging for food in the radioactive ashes of nuclear armageddon.  On the show this week we take a look Trump’s Modern Major Generals and wonder if they are too much of a good thing.  (Someday, but not yet.)

Along the way we discuss how the Guamanians must feel about trending on Twitter for reasons other than pissed off TaoTaoMonas. (Which are very real and not to be trifled with!) We examine the differences between the mindset of the various services of the Armed Forces. (Army, Navy, Marine:  “Kill the bastards”.  Air Force: “Does this hotel have room service?”) The dive into what it takes to BE a genuine modern major general.  (A lot of fancy learning degrees from what we can tell.)

On the Wayback we head to October 1962 where we have a Cuba Libre and discover that really, it is just a rum and coke.  We also find out why it is a really good idea to NOT have General’s making decision that could end the world.  Our Sponsor this week Retired General Amos T Half Track offering real world advice on national security and hoping to catch Miss Buxley in the ladies room.  We open the show Seven Days in May and close with Youtuber Davis Goff’s brilliant take on Gilbert and Sullivan.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5rGpIlmYUo

Citations Needed: He hates it when you call him Mad Dog, McMasters has more than a Masters, Lighten Up Francis, Not just a good idea also the law, You don’t know Jack, We probably could handle this better.

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