Episode 124: A War Without End, Amen

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 124: “A War Without End, Amen”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets a little chilly and goes searching for a comfy knitted blanket.  On the show this week we talk about the latest plan win with war and bring us peace with honor.  (We think this means Afghanistan, but we are not completely sure.)

Along the way we reminisce about a simple time, when a cell phone was just a phone, Donald Trump was only making life miserable for pageant contestants and the country was reeling from the largest terrorist attack in history.  (Those were the days!)  We also remember the horrors of Microsoft Windows ME, the real horror of Y2K.

We examine all the plans to win Afghanistan from all the Presidents stretching back to the beginning of the war, which we believe was during William Howard Taft Administration. (His plan:  Rifled muskets!)  We tally up the cost of sixteen years of war human and economic and wonder if maybe it was a bad decision in the first place.  Which is just crazy talk, because we all know the Bush Administration would never do anything STUPID!

This week in the Wayback we go all the way back to 1829 and when the chaps sent a few of the boys from Delhi to Kabul to see what they were on about.  (Turns out they were on about killing British!)  Our Sponsor is the very real and not at all made up Open Cola, the open source soda pop. We open the show this week with a quote attributed to Alexander the Great but really came from the worst Rambo movie and we close with YouTuber Jackson Daniel covering George Strait.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcY0F9dnOXo)

Citations Needed:  Open Cola is real, not spectacular, The Butcher’s Bill, The Bar Tab, Looks Like MY Report Card.

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