Episode 127: “What’s Happening?”

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Show Notes Episode #127: “What’s Happening”

This week host Dave Bledsoe dives into Hillary Clinton’s new book only find out Rerun appears nowhere in the text.  On the show this week we discuss not Hillary’s book itself but the backlash to the book even existing.  (It’s like people don’t LIKE Hillary Clinton!)  Additionally we admit even we are sick and tired of talking about the 2016 election.  (We are, apparently, a minority.)

Along the way we ponder why women be like always told to keep quiet, like they aren’t allowed to have opinions or something.  (We think it might be that men, are dicks) We examine the Stink Palm Parable in gender dynamics and strongly suggest you not shake hands with people who practice said parable.  In the wayback this week we talk about another woman who just wouldn’t go away and be quiet, and the childish man who loved her so much he quit a job he never wanted in the first place to be with her.

Our sponsor this week is the Compliance Project, instilling decency, dignity and respect in young women with a rod no thicker than a thumb.  We open the show with another woman who won’t be ignored and close with YouTuber Danny McEvoy covering Dave Edmunds.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezCkNMcD2gs)

Citations Needed: Dick, Super Dick, Total Dick, Pretty Dickish, Dickhead, You’re Cool, At the Wallis, Mrs Simpson If You’re Nasty, This Guy is GOOD!, Paul is the Biggest Dick of All.


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