Episode 128: “Delayed Onset Adulthood”

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Show Notes Episode 128: “Delayed Onset Adulthood”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes in search of his lost childhood only to find wasn’t lost but living in Central America under an assumed name. On the show this week look at a study about the kids of today which reveals just how BORING they are.  (No surprises there.)

Along the way we learn the benefits of early teen nerdhood (plausible deniability) and that a certain podcast host’s teenage years were fairly embarrassing.  We ponder why the youth of today are reading books instead of using them to hide their stash.  (Turns out you can’t put weed in an iPhone cover.)  We dig into the necessity of teens getting jobs and discover a dark conspiracy. (Conform, Consume, Obey)  In this week’s Wayback the History of Teenagers is uncovered, where they came from, what they did and why they were invented.  (Hint: To buy stuff.)  Also, weed branding is the end of society!

Our sponsor this week is Uncle Charlie, your older uncle who buys you beer and kind creeps out the girls by hanging at the party when he really is too old to be there.  We open the show with McLovin and close with YouTuber Jay Bovino lamenting the passage of time. (https://youtu.be/nMW6tdRfiSM)

Citations Needed:  SCIENCE!, Lame, Wimps, Get a JOB!,  The Birth of a Demographic, Rebels Seeking Causes,

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