Episode 129: Kneel Before TrumpZod

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This week Host Dave Bledsoe screams “Put me in coach” only to be kicked out another stranger’s lamaze class.  On the show this week we tackle the NFL Protests only to get called for roughing the Producer.  (Could be worse, it could be illegal use of hands.)

Along the way we ponder alternate names for the show, and decide the one we have is obtuse enough.  Additionally we discuss everything we know about football, (Very little) and everything we know about capitalism.  (Still very little.)  We ask the burning questions “Does Jet Magazine still exist?  What about Ebony?”  Finally we drill down into the Flag Code and discover several violations that ought to be felonies!  (Fat dudes in American Flag thongs should be a crime against humanity.)  This week’s Wayback is the Greatest That Ever Was, the subject, not the Wayback, it’s pretty average.

Our Sponsor this week is Frank’s Flag Shack, show your respect for the flag for which heroes died by draping it around your disgusting body!  We open the show with Bill Hicks explaining how we can get the world to rally around the flag and close with Skerryvore explaining the way it is.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10NvL7ZWolw)

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