Episode 13: “You Mad Bro?”

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Of course Republicans are mad this week, they’ve had a hard one.  First Confederate flags are dropping like, well, confederate bikini tops in the front row of a Blake Shelton concert, all over the South.  (by the way mad props to Bree Newsome who climbed the pole at the S.C. statehouse and took the flag down this morning, totally worth getting arrested for!  That is civil disobedience done right!)  Obamacare is upheld again, and gay marriage is the law of the land.  I am sure it seems to them that the world just keeps changing and leaving them behind.  But this only because the world is changing and they are being left behind.    I was actually told this week that removing the confederate flags from the South was just the first step in erasing history would lead to book burnings and finally the extermination of white the race in the south.  I responded to this only way one could–by point and laughing.