Episode 130: Better Dead Than LegislaTED

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 130: “Better Dead Than LegislaTED”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe let Jesus take the wheel only to find Jesus doesn’t even have a license. On the show the week we talk (What else?) the shooting in Las Vegas and reach the same conclusion as always:  nothing means nothing, but it’s free.

Along the way we ask how many guns are too many guns.  (Irrational Numbers) We activate the National Mass Shooting Matrix to make sure all the steps are correctly followed.  Then delve the possible motives of the shooter only to arrive at the same conclusion we always do.  (Think: White Dude)

Not to worry, there are patriotic songs and reactions from the Right, we are nothing if we are not fair and balanced.  (Just like Fox News!)  In our Wayback this week, we look at a movement that ACTUALLY got shit done in America, even when America did not want shit to be done.  (And we hated that woman like a fat kid hates lettuce for doing so!)

We would also like to remind everyone on both sides of the issues that no matter what we say or think, absolutely nothing will be done!  So relax gun owners, your precious pistols are safe!  Sorry gun grabbing libtards, you are just going to have to take a bullet for freedom!  #AMERICA

Our sponsor this week is Kenny’s House of Kevlar, fashion and protection for all your anti-ballistic needs!  We open the show with stirring words about freedom in front of bunch of people about to die and close the show with Tom Petty.  Because dude, Tom Petty!

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