Episode 135: The Hero Dies In This One

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 135: “The Hero Dies In This One”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe wants to remind you no one wants to see your dick.  No one.  On the show this week we talk about all the people who did not want to see Louis CK’s dick but had to see it anyway.

Along the way we learn why Dave’s Mom still thinks he is gay.  (Straight people love Charles Nelson Reilly too!) We also learn that Bones McCoy was the sexiest person on Star Trek, hands down.  (Damnit Dave, he’s a doctor, not a fashion model.)  We finally understand why Dave does a podcast instead of stand up and that Bob Newhart’s comedy stands up to the test of time better than any other comedian we can think of.  (Picking up that imaginary phone kills us EVERY TIME!)

On a more serious note, we observe that even if you are a fundamentally broken and depressed person, you really do NOT need to sexually harass people.  (Honestly, you are rich and famous enough that SOME people would willingly watch you jerk off!)  We talk about why men are such shits and our Wayback takes to October of 1991 where we learned that pubic hairs on Coke cans might be objectively funny to a 21 year old, they are NOT appropriate in the workplace.  Ever.

Our Sponsor this week is Dick Peeper, if you NEED to show someone your dick, show it to us!  Everyone will be happy you did.  We open our show Louis CK trying to warn us and close with the Ataris.

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