Episode 136: “With A Rebel Yell, They Cried Moore, Moore, Moore”

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SHOW NOTES EPISODE 136: “With a Rebel Yell, They Cried Moore, Moore, Moore”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe cracks open his High School Yearbook only discover wow, people REALLY didn’t like him!  On the show this week we discover we REALLY don’t like Alabama Republicans! (Alabama Democrats and Independents are cool, except you could ease up on the football.)

We then put on our hip waders and slog into the shitshow that is the life and political career of Roy Moore, alleged child molester and admitted asshole.  (He really doesn’t hide it.)  Along the way learn more about life in the rural South than we ever wanted to know, and some of us lived there.  We also discover why a thirty-something man might want date a High School girl.  (Hint:  It’s in a Biblical Sense.)  We also discover Alabama is rife with shitty politicians, possibly because Alabama is rife with shitty people.  (Garbage in, garbage out.)

In our Wayback this Week, we head back to 1987 around the time when Roy gave up High School girls for college girls  (He kept getting older they stayed the same age.) to learn why Evangelicals are sticking with their boy Roy.  Our sponsor is Cletus J. Bibb III Esquire, who wants you to know ain’t crime to big or disgusting for Cletus to fix. We open our show this week with Dennis Miller’s Southern Tour and close with Youtuber Erik Faber rebelling and yelling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwSzIIa5Tus

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