Episode 141: “Tuesdays With Morley”

Episode 141:  “Tuesdays With Morley”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe opens his Christmas Stocking to find a carton of Morley’s and a bottle of generic whiskey.  Just what he asked for.   (We cannot WAIT!)

Along the way we discuss the Deep State and the mystery surrounding the shadowy cabal of middle managers and career bureaucrats that REALLY run the government.  (Bill Lumbergh is the Master of Us All).  We are also DEEPLY shocked that Senators might create a black money Pentagon department that funnels money to a personal friend and campaign donor and tell no one about doing so!  (Shocked!)  There is even some math this week where we attempt to determine how fast going a mile second REALLY is, only find that while it’s impressive it’s actually not remotely out of the realm of what technology allows.  (Dude, seriously, it’s only 3,600 MPH, rockets do seven times that going into orbit!) Also, Blink 182?  Seriously?

In the Wayback, we head to September 18th, 1947 and the formation of the Deep State! Our Sponsor this week is Morley Cigarettes, in a movie, have a Morley!  We open the show the Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man and close with what we want for Christmas this year!

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