Episode 143: “Stephen’s Last Night In Town

Show Notes Episode 143: “Stephen’s Last Night In Town”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe violates his doctor’s orders and rasps out another show AND mixes painkillers with whiskey, because you can’t tell HIM what to do! On the show this week, we talk about the fire and fury that is consuming the White House with the release of a tell all tale told by ex-friend Steve Bannon!  (cuz if you don’t lie then you ain’t no friend of Don’s)

Along the way we talk nuclear dick measuring and make a disgusting mushroom head joke.  (Ugh, no!)  We examine the familial dynamics of the Trump family and wonder if Tiffany might not be moving up the power rankings real soon?  (She’s earned it!) We also ponder what happens to the Pepe’s now that all their gods are dead.  (We suggest ritual suicide!)

Our Sponsor this week is Tom’s Temps, when you need a forgettable person for an important job, try Tom’s Temps.  We open the show a man who is curt with you because time is of the essence and close with the Ben Folds Five.


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Citations Needed:

No one else did either


Fires and Furies


Bannon?  Never heard of the guy.


Is this line for Harry Potter?


He’s not well