Episode 144: The Cure Is Worse than the Aziz

Show Notes Episode 144:  “The Cure Is Worse Than The Aziz”

This week the listeners will find out more about Host Dave Bledsoe’s sex life than they EVER wanted to know.  (He likes being spanked with a rolled up copy of Highlights Magazine.)  On the show this week we talk about the continuing downfall of men and their eventual replacements with stepladders and cloning technology. (Can’t happen soon enough.)

Along the way we tackle the thorny topics of Aziz Ansari’s bad sex techniques, and how MAYBE he might not want to take sex advice from Pepe Le Pew.  Along the way we talk about why men are so tense when reminded they are recipient of an entire society structured for their advancement.  (Well, we didn’t ASK for it!)  We clean out the litter box of the Cat Person article from the end of last year.  (Hey, we are allowed to enjoy the Holidays too!) and make some suggestions on how we might solve the entire consent problem in a single generation.  (But we don’t have time for rational solutions.)

Our Sponsor this week is Confirma-Fuck, affirmative consent on your phone!  We open the show with Dave Chappelle discussing role models and close with Jizzy Pearl’s take on Bon Jovi’s Magnum Opus.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe8WiyXWfuM)


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