Episode 145: Spanks for the Memories

Show Notes Episode 145:  “Spanks for the Memories”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe learns that not even his beloved porn is immune to the corruption of the Trump Presidency.  On the show this week, we talk about the weather as Stormy Daniels blows in, knocks over a few lawn chairs and then blows back out to sea.  (Honestly, this President is a goddamn vampire or something!)  

Along we way we learn more than anyone ever wanted to know about the sex life of Donald John Trump–and we are not happy about it.  We question the ethics of porn, and conclude porn actors are the real heroes in this situation.  (God bless them!)  We empathize with the folks at the Wall Street Journal who never once believed they would ever be writing about hush money to porn stars.  (It’s SO GAUCHE!)  Finally, we ask those without sin to cast the first stone and get hit by a fucking rock thrown by Franklin Graham.

Our Sponsor this week is Hush, when you need it kept quiet, Hush!  We open the show with a gleeful Jeanie Moss from CNN and and close with the Lords of Acid.

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