Episode 147: Generalissimo Trump’s Tiny Dick-tator Parade

Show Notes Episode 147:  “Generalissimo Trump’s Tiny Dick-Tator Parade”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe comes to attention, salutes the flag and marches right into the bar next door, because he ain’t gonna study war no more.  On the Show this week we ask what if we had a war parade and nobody came?  (Kind of like Donnie’s inauguration!)

Along the way we remember what is was like when our military parades actually celebrated a victory in a war and remind you that we’ve been at war seventeen years and still have not won. We also address Post Vietnam Guilt Syndrome and how it was very bad for the Veterans, yet we DID get some kickass movies in the 80’s! (Heroes never die, they just reload!)  We also learn about the time Dave was forced to march in a military parade, it was VERY informative! (HE HAD TO WALK BEHIND THE CLOWNS!)

Our Sponsor this week is Tiberius’ Triumphs, when you need the mob on your side, try Tiberius.  We open the show with Colbert parade coverage and close with Hayseed Dixie.

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