Episode 149: “The Kids Are A’ight”

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Show Notes Episode 149: “The Kids Are A’ight”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe embraces the youth of today, only to throw his back out and need to spend the rest of the week in bed.  On the show this week we think that MAYBE the world is in pretty good hands with these Parkland kids after all.  (They made Marco Rubio cry!)

Along the way we point out that our beloved Generation X had it pretty easy when you think about it and you OWE us for putting all that porn on the Internet.  (It was hard work, but worth it!)  We also explain why GenX was considered such a bunch of slackers.  (Dude, we WANTED to do stuff!)  Then we dig around in the garbage cans that are Conservative Twitter to come up with a selection of truly batshit crazy conspiracy theories about Parkland.  (Emma Gonzalez is an Reptilian!  Alex Jones said so!) Then we explain why these kids are so scary to the NRA.  (Hint, they are gonna win.)

Our Sponsor this week is Hypocro-C, a prescription antiperspirant for Conservatives.  We open the show with the best damn speech we’ve heard in decades and close with Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoff telling us how the kids are doing.  

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