Episode 150: Holding Back the Years (3rd Anniversary of the Show!)

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Episode 150: “Holding Back the Years”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe invites you to lace up your Chuck Taylors, pull on your Izod shirt, grab you Members Only Jacket and head down to the arcade with him to celebrate One Hundred and Fiftieth Episode and Thee Years of this here low rated podcast! (We don’t know who is a bigger glutton for punishment!)

On this episode we examine what has transpired in the world since we started this show, and want you to know we take NO responsibility for how badly things turned out.  (We did NOT elect Trump, not matter what anyone says!)  Then we spend rather a lot of time bashing a certain best selling book that is little more than and litany of cliched pop culture references disguise as a novel.  (Sounds like a certain podcast on which we write show notes.)  We also sincerely doubt whether the movie about to premier based on this novel will be worth watching.  Then we remind EVERYONE that the 80’s was only cool and fun if you a white, straight male with access to a fair amount of disposable income.  Everyone else kinds thinks they were the worst decade ever.  (Which is true.)

Our sponsor this week see 1983 return to kill our childhoods again. We open the show with Kevin Bacon and close with Adrian Libertini cover one of the most 80’s songs ever.  

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