Episode 151: To All the Guns I’ve Loved Before

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Show Notes Episode 151:  To All the Guns I’ve Loved Before

This week Host Dave Bledsoe gets really emotional about old loves, including his first love whom he never wanted to leave: his Smith and Wesson.38 Police Special.  On the show this week we look at how much America loves guns, and not in a negative way. (OK, it’s a LITTLE negative)

Along the way we deconstruct some myths about guns (Turns out, NOT MADE BY GNOMES!) and come at you with the history.  We learn a lot more about Dave’s creepily Conservative past than we are comfortable knowing.  (He VOTED FOR HW BUSH!)  We also learn how to apply for a gun license in New York CIty. (Step One:  Be Oprah.)  We also FINALLY give it up for our Conservative Sisters and Brothers and admit they are right about one part of gun control  (It hurt us a lot to do it.)

Our Sponsor this week is Friedrich’s Finest Flintlock Fixers, supplying your  Musket Repair Needs since 1695! We open the show Sam Jackson gunsplaning and close with Sandy Leung’s ode to past loves.

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