Episode 153: The Devil’s Rejects

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Episode 153: “The Devil’s Rejects”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe makes a deal with the devil for his soul, only to find out his soul already repossessed to pay his bar tab at the Nancy Whiskey Pub in 2009.  On the show this week we enjoy the misery of America’s worst citizens, not the Kardashians, the other ones.

Along the way we examine the travails of trailer park life (and remind you that your Host used to live in a trailer!) and why it is probably bad to bang your stepmother in law.  (Solid advice)  Also, we say to hell with the Devil and the Devil says “Thanks, but no thanks” to Nazis.  (Even the Devil has SOME limits.) We also have some questions about whether or not modern Satanists are TRULY committed to the Dark Lord Satan or are just doing this to piss off their parents.  (Hint:  It’s the parents)

Also, Dave is apparently VERY upset about Noah Hathaway’s stellar performance as Boxey on the original Battlestar Galactica.  This seems to us very hyperbolic when the REAL sin against Science Fiction was the monkey in the Daggit costume. (What the hell is a Daggit anyway?)

Our Sponsor this week is the Dark Lord Satan who wants you to know Nazis are not welcome in Hell.  We open the show with a salute to Spring in the Reich and close with Morrissey whose political views are overshadowing his music.


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