Episode 154: Special Collector’s Edition Foil Cover

Episode 154:  “Special Collector’s Edition Foil Cover”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe slips into his spandex suit, dons his cape and promptly gets kicked out of Toys-R-Us. (Can a man not just have this ONE moment before it’s gone?)  On the show this week we head back to those heady days of yesteryear when comics were king and women were not allowed in the comic book store.  (They frighten us!)

We delve into the rise and fall of the House Marvel and House DC and how they found a way to make some very nerdy people into damn rock stars.  (Hint:  Money.)  Along the way, we discover the next big prestige television show you didn’t know you were waiting for.  (Call us Netflix!)  We ask some penetrating questions about the wisdom of speculative bubbles, like how the hell do people think these things are worth ANYTHING!  (Hint:  Humans are stupid.) There are even copious references to Dungeons and Dragons and all the other role-playing games of Dave’s youth.  (And middle age.)

Our Sponsor this week is the Baseball Cards Collectors of America, yeah some of our stuff is valuable, just not what YOU have.  We open the show with a commentary on the rise and fall of collectible comics and close with YouTuber Bethany Beach Bound and some unrequited love for a fictional character.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAkvqGR0X0c

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