Episode 155: You Got to Change Your Evil Ways, Bezos

Episode 155: “You Got To Change Your Evil Ways, Bezos”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe insists his bar tab is part of his “Prime Membership” and is banned from drinking at the TGI Fridays in Penn Station. (Again)

On the show this week we think hard questions deserve hard answers, which explains why we still had to solve the problem on the chalkboard even if we sported a hardon.  (We’re flattering ourselves)  We tackle the ethics of Amazon only discover we inadvertently ordered a textbook of the same name for an MBA class.  Along the way we take a tour of Dave’s hometown circa 1975. (Not impressed) We learn the real reason 12 year old boys took the Sears Catalog into the bathroom.  (I am looking at SPORTING GOODS MOM!)  And ask why President Spanky is so very angry at Jeff Bezos.  (Hint:  President Spanky is a moron.)  Finally, we play a stirring round of 25,000 Pyramid with Dave’s childhood traumas.  (Dave loses)

Our Sponsor this week is the Sears Catalog you OWE us, so how about shopping here once in a while? We open the show this week with the competition by America’s mayors for Amazon’s Headquarters 2 and close with the Evil Ways Band imploring Jeff Bezos to change.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P20frVIGNYw)

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