Episode 156: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

Episode 156: “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap”



This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes in search of legal counsel to press his case against TGI Fridays in Penn Station for emotional damages after being banned from the premises last week. (His pain is very real and very lucrative)  On the show this week, we talk about a very naughty lawyer who is in deep, deep trouble:  Michael Cohen. (Soon to be Inmate #577791)

We learn all about Mikey’s checkered past, his associations with all the The Worst People (Don, Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka) and where he fits in on the Trump Org Chart.  (Above Tiffany)  Along the way we discover that Mikey has some interesting associations outside the Trump family, most of whom (Entirely coincidentally we are sure) have Russian last names.  (He is a big fan of borscht)  We gab on the rankings of universities within the confines of the District of Columbia and why you shouldn’t even admit your awareness of American University.  (Gavin went there!)  We step inside the Wayback Machine and head back to the heady days of Disco, drugs, and Studio 54 to learn all about the first guy who had Michael Cohen’s job and the depths of Donny’s gratitude.  (You won’t get your feet wet, that’s for sure.)

Our Sponsor this week is Vinnie Scarpaci, Esquire, Attorney at Law, the Lawyer’s Lawyer, who want to remind you “When you call up Vinnie, you can always take the Plea!”.  We open the show with Lincoln Lawyer and close with Hayseed Dixie and low rate criminality.


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