Episode 162: “Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?”

Episode 162: “Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?”

This week, Host Dave Bledsoe pops the question to his beloved only to discover the bartender is already married. On the show this week we are SO ready for Wedding Season after the Royal Wedding coverage! (So ready for this crap to be over!)

Join us as we walk down the aisle on the Wedding Industrial Complex and weddings in America. (We will need a $1,200 deposit to hold the space before we can even begin the show.) Along the way we tally the costs, financial, emotional and physical of a wedding today. (You will want Podcast Planner to guide you through the show, we have some recommendations.) We tackle the important questions you should ask before deciding on your ceremony. (Open Bar, always Open Bar). We address the elephant in every room: where to seat your registered sex offender family members in the reception hall. (Legally, 200 yards from the children’s table.) Finally, we offer some alternatives to traditional weddings. (We urge you to consider the Lesbian Boat Wedding Package.)

Our Sponsor this week is Fast Eddie’s Fast Wedding, when you need your nuptials NOW, call Fast Eddies Fast Wedding. We open the show with pre-marital discord and close close with the Burbillies telling us we can always start again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qlnJDSBTFw

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