Episode 157: Quiet Numskulls, I’m Broadcasting

Show Notes Episode 157: “Quiet Numbskulls I’m Broadcasting”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe goes on the hunt for the video that killed the radio star, to discover all he can hear is Radio Gaga, only to then find himself the morning DJ on W.O.L.D. On the show the show this week we Turn Up the Radio, because we want some music, got to hear us some more. (We don’t know what songs he is referencing either.)

Along the way, we bid a bittersweet farewell to some radio legends, Art Bell and Carl Kasell, two men who influenced radio in completely different ways.  (Though Carl did record an answering message for a Time Traveler from 2083, we heard it on Art Bell.)

Then WE  travel through the days of yesteryear to hear the voices of all the Disc Jockeys who made music radio!  (Including the Casey Kasem rant that EVERYONE plays any time these kinds of things are referenced.  So original!)

We get raw with the rise and fall of the Shock Jocks from Stern to Opie and Anthony.  (Yes, yes, Baba Booey) Then we take a turn into the darker side of the dial, away from the wholesome family fun of objectifying women and into the Christian Family Fun of hating women and minorities.  (Don’t touch that dial!)  Finally, we explain how Facebook has gone wrong by basically being Facebook–trust us it makes sense in context.  (As much anything ever makes sense on this dumb show.)

Our Sponsor this week is KBDF 69.9 FM, your station from your imagination, featuring Jimmy Cafferty and a dubiously named sidekick we would all rather forget about in hindsight.  We open the show with Art Bell and the Antichrist. (Or Art IS the antichrist we aren’t sure) and close with YouTuber Michael Bosley turning us on the radio.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vm22iatO-I


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