Episode 158: “Have You Heard About the Lonesome Losers?”

Episode 158:  Have You Heard About the Lonesome Losers?

This week Host Dave Bledsoe sits down with Chad and Stacy at the cool kid’s table only to discover they only want him there because he is old enough to buy beer.  On the show this week we take a walk on the sad side with all the sweaty, semen soaked denizens of the “Incel” culture. (It is just as pathetic as it sounds.)

Along the way, and against our will, we take a course on Dave’s sexual history.  (It’s a remedial class.)  We stretch our metaphors to the breaking point finding new ways to insult the Manosphere which is a real thing and really stupid.  There is a pointless detour into dictionary definitions and one really stinging Your Mom joke which we personally feel goes too far.  (Just like your Mom on the first date!)  Finally, we deliver frank and useful advice to all the sad pathetic idiots pouting in their basements, raging over their perpetual virginity!  (Hint: Start with taking a SHOWER!)

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Our Sponsor this week is Sir Spanks-A-Lot Spank Boxes, monthly shipments of autoerotic accouterment for the chronic mastusrbators in your life.  We open the show with John Hughes’ examination of pubescent societal structures in the 1980’s and close with a German band called The Diamond doing a cover that may be better than the original.. (https://youtu.be/LdF_Vo4B6Ms?t=12s)


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