Episode 159: Speak of the Pompitous of Trump

Episode 159: “Speak of the Pompitous of Trump”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is fired from his gig speaking at the Spring Lake Heights New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Dinner because he refused to cut the joke about the mayor having carnal relations with an Alpaca.  (NO EDITS!)  On the show this week we discuss the kerfuffle about a mean lady being mean to all the important people of Washington DC.

Along the way, we learn why Dave keeps being fired from his jobs.  (His drinking.)  We continue our fascination with Conservative Humor and why it just isn’t funny.  (Mostly, it’s the racism.)  We deliver a better Dennis Miller joke than even Dennis could do back when he was sane, relevant and funny.  (He really was all three once upon a time.)  There is a sidelong plunge into why Sarah Huckabee Sanders being a Lesbian Softball Coach is actually a compliment and urge Sarah to leave her current job and become one immediately.  Then we spend an inordinate amount of time explaining why the White House Correspondents Association is a bad thing and should feel bad, and go to a very dark place about a naked man pooping on a table.  (Sorry!)

Our Sponsor this week is Rent A Hack, when you need a comedian who is both inoffensive AND unfunny:  Rent A Hack. We open with Michelle Wolf being mean and close with YouTubers Sure Thing getting his lovin’ on the run. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b6GJa8fDwk)

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