Episode 161: “What White Nonsense Is This?”

Episode 161:  “What White Nonsense Is This?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is accused of virtue signaling until people discovered he lacks any.  On the show, we talk about why White Folks are so quick to call 911 on Black People. (Hint: They are Black.)  

Along the way, we discuss why White People are so quick to call the police for EVERYTHING!  (Their dog looked at me, funny officer!) We examine the long history caucasian passive aggression (Witch Hunt!) and Cookout do’s and don’ts.   (Do: Bring a bottle of brown liquor, don’t go back for seconds before everyone else has a chance to eat.) Then we get down in the weeds and explain why Black people are uncomfortable around the police in a way White people can identify with. (You could say we Whitesplain it.)

Our Sponsor this week is 9-1-2, it’s like 911 for petty shit you call 911 about,. We open the show with  KevOnStage explaining cookout etiquette and close Z-Flo signing about White People.


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Citations Needed
Slow Golfing While Black



Starbuck While Black


Air BnBing While Black


House Inspecting While Black


Yaling While Black


Harvarding While Black


Why White People Call the Police and Black People Don’t


Same Cops, Different Worlds


The Names
John Crawford, Rekia Boyd,  Aiyana Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Abner Louima, Tamir Rice, Philandro Castile, or Stefon Clark.


Double Standard Much