Episode 163: “Your Tweets Should Go Away, Roseanne Yeah!”

Show Notes Episode 163: “Your Tweet Should Go Away, Roseanne Yeah!”

This week the show is airing on Saturday because Host Dave Bledsoe is busy celebrating his birthday by convincing friends and strangers to pay for his liquor.  (It’s basically his Saturday on a Friday.)  On the show this week are forced to address the pile of dog poo on the nation’s lawn that is Roseanne.  (We are going to need a HUGE pooper scooper people!)

Along the way, we learn the secret of working for a giant asshole (Money, lots of money) and how it always ends when you do.  (Lawyers, lots of money to lawyers.)  We examine the history of Roseanne and her politics and ask how did ABC NOT see this coming.  (Lawyers AND Money!)  We question the Liberal bona fides of Roseanne going all the way back to the beginnings of her career and point out her show was actually just a Norman Lear sitcom without Norman’s warmth.  (Honestly, we couldn’t stand her then, having Roseanne screaming on the TV and our Mom screaming from the kitchen was too much to bear!)  Finally, we tackle Hollywood’s obsession with unicorns, leprechauns and Trump voters who aren’t even a LITTLE bit racist.  (Hint: There are very hard to find.)

Our Sponsor this week is ABC’s new Fall premiere, the David Duke Show, he’s like Roseanne but worse!  We open the show Roseanne and Dan being just like us and close with the band Analog who will meet us all the way.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfAwBBTiCeQ


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