Episode 164: “Talk Dirty to Me”

Show Notes Episode 164: “Talk Dirty to Me”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe tries really hard to lose sponsors with his vile and vicious content, only to realize he doesn’t have any.  On the show this week we try a reckless stunt and talk about profanity. (We are sure THIS will go well.)

Along we way, we spend far too much time talking about the Samantha Bee faux controversy and conclude apologies are only necessary to those who deserve them.  (Hint:  Not you Ivanka) We dissect the C-Word in all of its permutation and incarnations, and explain why Brits and Ozzies love it so much.  (It’s fun to say, yah C—-S!) We go on to mount a vigorous defense of profanity in all of it’s forms, and push back against the idea that those us who work blue lack vocabulary?  (Have you HEARD some of the ways we curse on this show?)  We unpack the crime underlying the usage of some of our naughtiest words and realize it isn’t the words but the bigoted assholes saying them which is the problem.  (Stealing a Carlin bit, it’s how we work.) Finally we ask the hard question:  What ELSE can you say when the world is THIS fucked up?  (Who are we Ned Fucking Flanders?)

Our Sponsor this week is Bad Words when the situation calls for just the right words, choose Bad Words.  We open with Ralphie’s Soap Story and close with Jughead’s Revenge who knows we like it too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Jdv_hXjNa8


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