Episode 165: “Waiting For A Ghoul Like You”

Show Notes Episode 165: “Waiting For A Ghoul Like You

This week, Host Dave Bledsoe stumbles bleary eyed from the grave he lay in for the past week and wonders how much he drank to pass out in a cemetery. Again.  On the show this week we examine the flesh eating ghoul who architects the Trump Administration’s pogrom against immigrants. (Seriously, Stephen Miller eats the flesh of the dead!)

We also explain what the HELL we were thinking last week when there was no show. (Rage, mostly) We look into the history of Dear Leader Trump’s long and illustrious career in hating non-whites going all the way back to Daddy Fred’s days with the Klan.  Then we dive into the arcane ritual that summoned forth from beyond the wall of death incarnating the fleshy homunculus who functions as the ill will behind kidnapping of innocent children to get a Border Wall.  (We hesitate to use the word evil, actually no we don’t, it’s evil!) Finally, we discuss at length the danger of men like Stephen and the threat they pose. (It’s not the rise of the Elder Gods, unless Himmler was an incarnation of Nyarlathotep.  Though, we won’t rule that out.)

Our Sponsor this week is White Supremacy, making things a better for even the lowest of White Folks.  We open the show with Chris Rock reading us the efficient train schedules for Reich Amerika and close with JHypemusic who is waiting for someone to come along make him feel alright.

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