Episode 166: Uncivil Wars

Show Notes Episode 166: “Uncivil Wars”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe insists the bouncers respect his feelings and practice civility as they toss him into the dumpster behind the Hooters.  On the show this week say fuck your feelings to everyone who insists we respect the system. (We are not in a good place this week.)

We do a frontline tour of the civility wars this week as the sky is actually fucking falling! (Henny Penny was, in fact, a red hen, check your Little Golden Books!)  Along the way, we take those who cannot keep a civil tongue to task, and chide the rude, crude and socially repugnant for their crass ways.  (Fuck those people!)  We also examine the cost of going along to get along, and if we are willing to pay.  (We, are not.) We hear from Birmingham Jail and also the Tombs as Dave frantically tries to get someone willing to post his bail.  (We, are not.)

Our Sponsor this week is Fast Eddies Etiquette Academy, fucking civilizing you.  We open the show with a treatise on civilization by Joe Abercrombie and close with Mike Sinatra and the weather. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAzo6YEbnv4

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