Episode 167: “Dispatches from the Second Battle of Starbucks”

Show Notes Episode 167:  “Dispatches from the Second Battle of Starbucks”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe returns home from the war, and by war, we mean a savage drinking binge from which his liver suffers PTSD.  (God help it!)  One the show this week, we read letters from the front of the #SecondCivilWar and hope not be sued by Ken Burns.

Along the way, we examine the root causes of generic civil wars.  (Not OUR Civil War, that was slavery.)  We delve into the reasons why we all cannot, as Rodney King once asked us, just get along.  (Mostly because certain people are beating the shit out of people like Rodney King!) We talk about the mindset of Conservatives and why they feel so desperately ostracized.  (It’s called the march of progress, get used to it!)  Then we reluctantly advise you we are ALREADY in the midst of a true Second Civil War and we are currently not doing well.  (Despite holding all the money and all the media!)  Finally, we issue a stirring call to arms and beg General Patton Oswalt to take command of our troops and leads us to VICTORY! (Or Brunch, whichever)

Our Sponsor this week is the 4th Proud Boys, who want you to know they will urinate and flee at the first hint on combat.  We open the show with a soldier’s plaintive lament for his mother not to look at his browser history and close with Boyz to Men covering Edwin Starr.

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