Episode 168: “Q Who?”

Show Notes Episode 168: “Q Who?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe finds out who is behind the plot to undermine his finances and social reputation, only to discover the enemy is him. On the show this week we examine the Deep State Conspiracy known as “QAnon” and shockingly discover it is John de Lancie! (It’s at least as probable as any other explanation we’ve heard.)

Along the way we learn the wit and wisdom imparted by Dave’s grandmother who only wanted him to behave and avoid the Romani.  (Or Gypsy Rose Lee, it was never truly clear who she was talking about.)  We learn what scares old white people (everything) and what scares Roseanne and Curt Schilling. (They are old white people, so everything.)  We follow the breadcrumbs dropped by an Anonymous Dude on the Internet deep into the forest to find the gingerbread house of ROBERT MUELLER!  (He is famous for them, makes them every Christmas.  Delicious and adorable!) Finally, we unravel the mystery so frightening even Alex Jones disavows the entire theory as too implausible! (Probably because he could not monetize QAnon Health Supplements.)

Our Sponsor this week is Anonymous Internet Guy, your source for credible incredulities for over 30 years!  We open the show with notes on the Riker’s beard and close with Brody Dolyniuk who wants to know just who the hell you think you are! https://youtu.be/BVH_NuIXNrg

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