Episode 170: “She Was With the Russians TOO?”

Show Notes Episode 170: “She Was With the Russians TOO?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe’s cover is blown when he orders his whiskey shaken not stirred.  On the show this week we infiltrate the shadowy world of Russian Honey Pots, only to discover Winnie the Pooh isn’t a Russian Bear.  (A Leather Daddy named Dimitri, on the other hand…)

Along the way we learn the secret history of Dave’s favorite bar in college.  (Hint:  Cheap liquor and liberal ID checking policies.)  We reveal the reasons why dump middle age Republican operatives get all the hot chicks.  (They are all Russian spies.)  We wonder how deep the ties go between the NRA and Kremlin go.  (Charlton Heston was a commie infiltrator!)  We also have a Wayback this week where you will learn why the Russians are so GOOD at espionage!  (You need to be when your government is based on repressing peasants!) Finally, we wrap with an in depth exploration of what Putin wants from his Best Boy Donnie!  (Money.  It’s money.)

Our Sponsor this week is Vlad’s Nice Girls, helping you meet beautiful Russian ladies who DEFINITELY are not part of the FSB!  We open the show with Agent WD-40 and Alex Trebek. We close with Dave’s weekly message to his parents.!

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