Episode 171: “Harry’s HUGE Hendereson”

Show Notes Episode 171: “Harry’s HUGE Henderson”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe finds love in the forest and the less said about that, the better.  On the show this week we examine Bigfoot Erotica, for which it would also be better if we said less about.  (Unfortunately for everyone, we did not heed this advice.)

Along the way we discuss WHY we are talking about Bigfoot porn, and coin a new name for coitus with a cryptid:  “Sexquatching”. (Seriously NO ONE ELSE has used that word before, we Googled it!)  We dive deep and hard into the world of Monsterotica (We did NOT invent that word) and particularly the sub-genre of those aroused by Bigfoots. We learn how surprisingly lucrative such fiction can be and plan to launch our own line of Bigfoot Boning Books shortly.  (Check our forthcoming Amazon page!)  We then address various practical and moral issues around Human/Sasquatch relations and how they should be handled when brought up in conversation.  (Pray this never happens.)  Finally, we take a STRONG stand on Human Bigfoot marriage and why we should immediately pass laws protecting Human Bigfoot Hybrid Children.  (#LoveIsLove

Our Sponsor this week is the Cryptozoology Society of America, studying imaginary monsters for 25 years! We open the show with a famed Bigfoot debunker getting his comeuppance and close with the Unplugged Band’s cover of a mammalian reproductive essay. 

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