Episode 173: “Cold Hearted Snake”

Show Notes:  Episode 173 “Cold Hearted Snake”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is secretly recorded during a production meeting saying a terrible thing, only to immediately say it publicly when asked about the tape.  On the show this week, we talk tapes, who said what, to whom and when and whether or not those tapes will even matter when they heard. (Answer:  Not in the in the least.)

Along the way we update the Presidential Lie Count which unlike Trump’s approval ratings is only going up!  From there, we tell the tale of Omarosa’s second tenure in the White House (That’s right she worked for Clinton AND Gore!) and her sudden yet entirely expected termination in the Situation Room.  (What kind of situation requires Omarosa in the Situation Room, a barbed retort on Real Housewives?)  We ask the question America is dying to know:  Did our President say the N-Word. (Hint: A lot.)  We try to decide is Omarosa is at all credible in her claims.  (Absolutely not, but that doesn’t make them untrue.)  We also discuss what kind of person betrays their own people so they can land a cherry job with no real responsibilities, great pay and a chance to make millions in the future.  (Answer:  Every goddamn one of you!) Finally, we explain why everyone seems to be turning on Trump whenever it becomes convenient.  (Hint:  legless reptiles.)

Our Sponsor this week is No Shit Sherlocks, pointing out the the obvious to the oblivious!  We open the show with Omarosa defending the indefensible and close with the strangest cover song we’ve discovered in the history of this show.  We think you will enjoy it, unlike the rest of the show.

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Now we know

Lordy, there ARE tapes

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