Episode 174: “Donnie Are You OK, Are You OK Donnie?”

SHOW NOTES EPISODE 174:  “Donnie Are You OK, Are You OK Donnie”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe is held in contempt until such time as finally clears up his bar tab.  On the show this week we talk about some other contemptible fellows who suddenly find themselves looking at long stretches in prison.  (Orange is the new Ostrich leather!)

Along the way we discuss the Summer of 1974 and the crimes that came to light in a small southern town!  (WE WANT OUR HOT WHEELS BACK EDDIE!)  We also examine the other big event of that month, something about some guy resigning or something. Then we dish about the other criminals who for some reason all seem to share a single, simple trait in common.  (Hint: It contains the letters G, O and P!)  We share some frankly stunning allegations of misconduct by Mister Hooper towards Ernie and the break down some hard truths about the electorate in America.  (The GOP probably shouldn’t count on some of their usual voters to save them this year.)  Finally, we meet the Middletons, the most generic American family ever invented and explain why Mark, Mindy and the kids might not be to excited about being called Republicans this year.  (Hint:  He’s orange, insane and corrupt!)  Finally, we explain some hard truths to our own side of the political aisle about why we need to shut the hell up about impeaching Trump…for now…

Our Sponsor this week is Freddie’s House of Felons, helping you find the right person for all  your crime needs! We open the show with Tricky Dick explaining why he welcomes the inquiry that would eventually bring about his downfall and close with duwendemusic requesting a status update on Annie’s condition.  

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