Episode 177: A Dick Joke Too Far

Show Notes Episode 177: “A Dick Joke Too Far”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe reveals himself to his fans in a moment of heartfelt intimacy and vulnerability, much to everyone’s regret. (Dick Trigger Warning Given)  On the show the week, we discuss….well what the hell else are we going to discuss on this show?  The Supreme Court pick? That isn’t funny! Trump’s Mushroom Dick, now THAT is funny!

Along the way we learn more than we ever wanted to know about Presidential Peen, from Washington’s Wooden Dick to LBJ’s Hogleg, we cover all the POTUS prick trivia you never wanted to know and are now being forced to find out from a low rated podcast.  Then we make an impassioned argument for decency and accountability in the White House. (To bad we need a time machine for it to be meaningful!)  Then we explain why the decisions we make in the past haunt us throughout our lives in strange and unexpected ways.  (Like that time Dave got drunk in Honduras and woke up in Nicaragua!  True story!)    Then we close the show with a vivid prediction for the future of your humble host, we don’t know WHEN it will happen, we only know HOW it will happen.  

Our Sponsor this week is The Mighty Mushroom, putting the FUN in fungi! We open the show with The View asking a question no one wanted answered and closed with Sticky Fingers explaining how they care about the size of the boat, not the motion of the ocean.

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