Episode 178: I Wonder Who the Real Men Are

Show Notes Episode 178: “I Wonder Who the Real Men Are”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe flips through the pages of his high school yearbook to confirm he correctly recalls not raping anyone in high school.  On the show this week we flip through America’s high school yearbook to find it full assholes named Brett.

Along the way we ponder why ANYONE would look back fondly on high school.  (Get a fucking life people!)  Then we take a turn through the social and economic strata of the 1980’s to explain why rich white men can do the kind of things they do.  (Hint:  Rich and white.)  We spend some explaining why GenX kids basically raised themselves.  (Our parents were gripped by deep questions about who shot JR.)  Finally, we break down once and for all why people like Brett thought it was perfectly fine to behave like privileged, entitled, rapey, shitbags.  (It was all Hollywood’s fault, we guess.)

Our sponsor this week is Evernear Grain Alcohol, Evernear we put the punch in your Punch!  We open the show with a prime example of 80’s Teen Movie awfulness and close with Joe Jackson asking the same question most of us are right now.

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Citations Needed:
This was a thing that existed that really should not have, for cultural reasons alone

Go back and watch it with fresh eyes

Not in the movies, in real life

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