Episode 183: The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled (Spookatcular Part 2)

Show Notes Episode 183: The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled  (Spooktacular Part 2)

This week Host Dave Bledsoe heads back to his old stomping grounds in Arkansas after 30 years only find he is STILL not welcome a Ray’s Ray’s Taphouse in Blytheville after what he did.  On the show this week, we finish up Part Two of the Halloween Spooktacular by looking at the low point of the Satanic Panic. (Besides Dave being forced to sell his Dungeon Master’s Guide.)

Along the way we discover why Dave never became a Goth Kid  (Turns out even Goth Kids won’t hang with SOME people.) and why Goth Kids are so ostracized from teenage society.  (Jealousy, because black is a VERY flattering fabric color.)  We give you the thumbnail view of the Robin Hood Hills Murders and the subsequent farce of a trial, then settle in for a protracted conversation on the evils of For Profit Universities and their impact on the education system.  (Don’t worry it will all make sense in the end, as much anything ever does on this dumb show.)  Finally we explain who is REALLY behind the constant state of moral panic in the United States and we think the answers will surprise you…if you have only just arrived in the United States from a distant planet, or possibly from Hell.  (Even The Devil thinks these people are assholes.)

Our Sponsor this week is Satan-O-Way Demon Hunters, the Devil in our Details!  We open the show with an ex-satanist and close with the Louvin Brothers who has some news for us!


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