Episode 186: “Operation Circle Jerk”

Show Notes Episode 186:  “Operation Circle Jerk”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe recalls exactly where he went wrong in life, and it begins where you might expect, on a shitter truck.  On the show this week we examine another kind of waste with the troops on the US-Mexico border. (We are going to need a bigger truck)

Along the way we look at some other times Presidents have used the military to score cheap political points.  (Operation Obfuscate Lewinsky was a travesty!)  Then we learn to speak Military as Dave translates the complex jargon of service members into civilian.  (You start by straining out the curse words.)  We also learn that once upon a time, someone was willing to introduce Dave to her family.  (Consider it a dodged bullet mystery woman!)  Finally, we dig in to the moment of clarity that comes to all who bravely served in the Armed Forces and the finally Embrace the Suck.

Our Sponsor this week is Carl’s Concertina Emporium, if fencin’ is your mission, call Carl’s.  We open the show with Operation Market Garden and close with George Possley trying to find his jewelry.

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