Episode 187: “A Yam for Katta” (Thanksgiving Special)

Show Notes Episode 187: “A Yam for Katta” (Thanksgiving Special)

This week Host Dave Bledsoe eschews his usual anger and bitterness and tells a heartwarming tale of true togetherness and gratitude on Thanksgiving. There is also talk of copious amounts of alcohol because he is broken and desperate person.  (Get HELP!)

Along the way we learn of a few of Dave’s Thanksgiving disasters, such as the seafood feast and the time he ate Gaejang-guk.  (The less you know about either of these the better.)  We learn why Southerners make so much damn food every time they cook.  (Turns out they are very GOOD at math!)  and finally we meet Katta and man who may not be aware of too many things, but he knows he likes yams. (If you know what we mean.)

Our Sponsor this week is Box-O-Bird, convenient square shaped turkey like product.  We open the show with a dysfunctional family doing the best they can and close with Youtuber Louise D’Arcy singing something that sounds close to yams.

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