Episode 188: You Give Love A Bad Name

Show Notes Episode 188:  “You Give Love A Bad Name”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe reveals he too was once called to mission, but missed the call because who the fuck answers an unknown number these days?  On the show this week look at the strange tale of the American missionary who got his dumb ass killed trying to prosthelytize a tribe had no wish to hear the Good Word. (We guess they don’t answer unknown callers either!)

Along the way we discuss the wherefores of why some people are called to witness and how to spot them before they speak to you.  (Hint:  White shirts and name tags!)  We debate the good and bad of missionaries.  (Good: medical care, Bad: diseases requiring medical care.)  We examine the phenomena of the subway preacher and their peculiar beliefs.  There is also a new, more accurate version of the Last Supper that explains missionaries completely!  (The A-B-C’s of the faith if you will.)

Our sponsor this week is Missionary Positions, testing your faith by putting you in harms way.  We open with old friend George Carlin and close with Atreyu who have some names arrows of their own.

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