Episode 189: “Now You’re Messing With A Son of a Bitch”

Show Notes Episode 189: “Now You’re Messing With A Son of a Bitch”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe exploits his grief to elicit compassion and understanding, also to cadge as many free drinks as a possible. On the show this week we find a way to make George HW Bush’s death even MORE polarizing and controversial.  (It’s a gift we possess.)

Along the way we learn about Dave’s childhood pets, some of whom were actually real and NOT imaginary Klingon Targs.  Then we jump to the Twitter outrage over the Slatest Slate Article Slated in the history of Slate. From there we proceed to insult almost everyone we can imagine by disassembling the entire Cult of Dog in contemporary society.  (Step 1:  Your dog does not NEED an Instagram, assholes!)  We look at Comparative Thanatology (Yes, this is a REAL thing!) and how death impacts everything from humans to Whelks.  (Invertebrates, not 60’s Polka King) Finally, we just flat out attack people for loving their animals, because we are terrible human beings.

Our Sponsor this week is Dog, who want to know:  “Are you going to eat that?” We open the show with Carlin’s secret of life and close with 16 Tonn explaining why we don’t care if you ratio our asses.

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