Episode 19: Schooled for Scandal

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Look I am not saying you CAN’T enjoy a celebrity or sports figure, but be a little fucking selective and remember they are human beings and human beings with a LOT of money and power are rarely the sort of people you want to trust with money and power.  NFL stars and their dog fighting rings, or murder charges, or beating the shit out of their finances in an elevator.  Directors who sleep with underage girls and flee to France, or you know divorce their wife and marry their stepdaughters who may or may not have been underage when the first slept with them…Dude, Woody, you know I am not saying you DID anything, but come ON, you had to know how this would play out!  When say they marry a woman young enough to be your daughter, they don’t mean that literally! Politicians with wide stances, difficulty defining the third person singular tense of to be visa vie sexual acts, or knock up another woman while your wife is in the hospital fighting cancer.  Say what you will about most writers, at least they are open about what horrible people they are, it’s rare you hear about poet or novelist doing something just awful and people who read their rarely say :” Wow, Bukowski did that, I never saw THAT coming!”.  If you like someone, like them for their work, because you have no idea WHO the actually are.