Episode 190: “Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make”

Show Notes Episode 190: “Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe takes control of his personal data only to find he is so boring no one is even interested in buying it. On the show this week, we dig in to how your life is up for sale and what you can do about it!  (Turns out, not one damn thing.  Spoiler Alert.)

Along the way we learn how once upon a time, everyone was pretending to be someone else on the Internet,  (Cybersex was the dirty new frontier!)  and when we all decided to get REAL about privacy online.  (Right about the time the RIAA started suing people for using Napster.)  We learn how Google and Facebook are tracking your every move, even when you are on the toilet.  (They are also tracking your colon health via your bathroom fart sounds!)  From there we learn about the illusion of privacy and how the Global Organization of Source Shared Information Pool was collecting it all along!  Finally, we tell you how to truly tune out, turn off and poop in a bucket!

Our Sponsor this week is  The One Ring, the Facebook app to rule them all.  We open the show with Congress embarrassing themselves as usual and close with Hose Grass explaining how online data collection really works!

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