Episode 191: “Christmas Eve, In the Drunk Tank”

Show Notes Episode 191: “Christmas Eve In the Drunk Tank”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe lays out his holiday plans, he hears the Tombs has some killer eggnog made with lighter fluid.  On the Show this week, we are talking Christmas Songs, the bad, the awful and the excruciatingly terrible! (This should be fun!)

Along the way we learn some dubious information about the origins of music, or least the origins of the earworm.  Then we remind you that Dave is a terrible human being and you shouldn’t take ANYTHING he says all that seriously. (Except when he says he is a terrible person, believe THAT!)  Pushing forward we examine the three kinds of Christmas Songs based on the purely subjective standard of hearing them eight millions times in four months while working at a Walmart during the Christmas Season.  (Now starting in June!) Finally, we wrap up with the Worst. Christmas. Song. Ever. (And the competition is stiff for the title!)

Our Sponsor this week is our season favorite Karl Kringles Discount Elf Hut!  We open with the Church of Satan and close with the Chewing on Tinfoil cover of the only GOOD Christmas song! (Also, sorry about the thing that you will soon find out about!)

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